Even people with great skin are not immune to environmental and lifestyle damage, which can cause uneven skin tone and texture, changes in pigment, and fine lines. Fortunately, it’s possible to reverse everyday skin damage and restore smooth, healthy looking skin with chemical peels.

Ogden Clinic dermatology is proud to offer chemical peel treatments at our Ogden office that remove the damaged layer(s) of skin and enable the radiant complexion underneath to show through. Chemical peels at our Ogden office can even help you improve the appearance of acne, scars and wrinkles. Our patients love this treatment to improve their facial skin, neck, chest, and even their hands!

Benefits of a Chemical Peel

Men and women of all ages in the Ogden area choose chemical peels for smoother, younger looking skin. Ogden Clinic dermatology recommends a chemical peel to correct skin conditions such as:

  • Rough texture or dry skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sun damage
  • Freckles and uneven pigmentation
  • Hormone-related pigment changes such as melasma


How do chemical peels work?

There are two different types of chemical peels available at Ogden Clinic: a superficial peel and a medium-depth peel.  A consultation with an Ogden Clinic esthetician will help determine the right face or skin peel for you.

  • Superficial chemical peels use gentle formulations to exfoliate the skin and simulate new cell growth. This mild procedure is recommended for men and women with minimal sun damage, fine lines, or uneven pigmentation. Superficial peels have little to no down-time.
  • Medium-depth chemical peels are ideal for melasma and photodamage. This type of peel can be used on the face, neck, and arms to treat hyperpigmentation and sun damage by targeting deeper skin cells.


Chemical Peel Treatment and Recovery

The recovery time for chemical peels also depends on the strength of treatment. Your Ogden Clinic esthetician will send you home with skincare instructions and follow-up care after your chemical peel treatment.

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