The quest for thick, voluminous lashes has people going to great lengths! Mascara, false lashes, and eyelash extensions help lashes appear longer, but thanks to Latisse, your own lashes can be longer!

Latisse (bimatoprost) is the only FDA-cleared lash growth serum and it’s available through prescription at Ogden Clinic. If you have sparse, thin lashes or have lost some lash length and fullness, Latisse can help. With regular application, you can grow your own lashes longer and fuller in just a few weeks.


How do I use Latisse?

Latisse application is simple. Ogden Clinic dermatology recommends applying Latisse serum to your upper eyelid in the evening after you’ve removed makeup and cleansed your face. Do not apply Latisse to the lower lid; upper-eyelid application is enough to lengthen the upper and lower lashes.

When will I start seeing eyelash growth?

While eyelash growth is not immediate, consistent application will yield significant results. Most people begin to notice growth in 3-4 weeks, with full results after about eight weeks. Once you’ve reached your desired lash length, we recommend reducing Latisse application to 2-3 nights per week instead of daily.

If you discontinue using Latisse, your lashes will gradually fall out on their own and return to their original appearance.

Is Latisse safe for everyone?

Clinical trials show that Latisse is safe and effective for improving eyelash growth when used as directed. Some patients with existing eye conditions, however, may not be good candidates for Latisse. Call our Ogden Clinic dermatology office to find out if Latisse can benefit you!

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